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Who We Are

EV Realty was founded by a team of infrastructure development executives who built 9 GW of renewable energy projects across the U.S. over the past decade. Project development and delivery for our customers is in our DNA. It drives our commitment to powering critical EV fleets at scale.

EV Realty’s Powered Properties™ are grid-optimized, large-scale EV charging hubs designed for a range of delivery, logistics and services fleet customers.

By developing shared private fleet charging hubs that service multiple commercial fleets in secure, high-power locations with dedicated charging access and availability, EV Realty ensures that companies across industries optimize their EV fleet operations. Our customers benefit from reduced costs, optimized use of available grid capacity, and an accelerated implementation timeline for EV charging infrastructure at scale.

All based on smart sites proximate to where critical commercial fleets operate.


At EV Realty, we are harnessing the electric grid to power commercial fleets at scale.


Our Team

EV Realty is a veteran team of operating executives with decades of experience across fleet management, EV infrastructure, grid-scale power and commercial real estate with a track-record of delivering scalable, profitable energy and power infrastructure solutions to new industries.

Photo of Michael Baker

Michael Baker

Associate, Finance

Photo of Suncheth Bhat

Suncheth Bhat

Chief Business Officer

Rafael headshot

Rafael Contreras

Senior Electrical Design Manager

Victoria Cutler

Associate, Data Science and GIS

Jamie Hall

Director, Policy

Photo of Jenna Helperin

Jenna Halperin

Senior Manager, Real Estate

Photo of Sean Kiernan

Sean Kiernan

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Thomas Laurent

Thomas Laurent

Manager, Capital Markets

Photo of Sara De Lazzari

Sarah De Lazzari

Associate, Strategy

Photo of Jim Ludovico

Jim Ludovico

Chief Customer Officer

Photo of Alec Maghami

Alec Maghami

Director, Real Estate Capital

Tony Melara

Senior Electrical Design Manager

Photo of Ben Plum

Ben Prum

Director, Development

Will Quinn

Director, Product

photo of Daniel Ramirez

Daniel Ramirez

Manager, Data Science and GIS

Photo of Gelberg Rodriguez

Gelberg Rodriguez

Vice President, Engineering and Construction

Photo of Gary Root

Gary Root

Senior Associate, Strategy

Photo of Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Wyatt Toolson

Wyatt Toolson

Head of Capital Markets

Jason Weiss

Director, Fleet Sales