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EV Realty develops, deploys, and owns grid-ready EV charging hubs that power critical commercial fleet operations at scale.

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At EV Realty, we are dedicated to expediting the adoption of commercial EV fleets by addressing a critical constraint they will encounter: access to low-cost, reliable, and substantial grid-scale power.

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Powered Properties™

EV Realty develops, deploys, and owns grid-ready charging infrastructure. Our Powered Properties™ are multi-fleet charging hubs located where commercial fleets already operate, and where there is existing reliable and expandable power. Powered Properties™ are built to scale, built to last, and built to power a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Grid-First Approach

Fleet charging infrastructure for electric vehicles requires a significant amount of power, and reliable electrical capacity is already rare on strained electrical grids.
But we know where to find it, and how to use it to its maximum potential.

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Data Driven

EV Realty’s charging hubs power multiple fleets in places that make sense - creating more reliable, efficient, and affordable access to power.